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About Kenya Methodist University


Kenya Methodist University is a chartered ecumenical Christian university based on the outskirts of Meru town and with campuses in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Nyeri and Centre in Maua and Meru town.

One of Kenya’s new gems in the education sector, Kenya Methodist University (KEMU) was awarded its charter in 2006.

The university’s student population has grown phenomenally from the initial 11 students in 1998/1999 to over 4,000 currently, while the staff population has expanded from 21 to around 300 over the same period.

The university is dedicated to the furtherance of the Christian Faith and promotion of the required activities for the restoration of relationship between human beings and God the creator. It strives to apply its Christian principles and practical evangelism in all its endeavours.

The university's philosophy is to foster the intellectual, spiritual and physical development of the wholesome individual in order to recognize and utilize the available opportunities for enhancement of human development with the appropriate recognition and respect for other creations.

The university's mission is achieved through the following objectives: to provide quality training through provision of scholarship, advancement of knowledge through research and development of specialised activities.


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